Silklustrous, soft, a fiber with no equal, so beautiful and yet so comfortable to wear. More, high quality digital print on silk renders beautiful deep colors and extremely fine details.

In Fibra Creativa we love silk, particularly when printed with original designs! Why create “only” silk scarves, when silk can be made into beautiful clothes? So here come our bespoke silk fashion: silk blouses and dresses, customized with your own designs, of course!

Silk blouses, tunics and dressestop en soie imprimé sur mesure

Our stylist created a pattern both elegant and versatile,  wearable alone on warm days or on top of a long-sleeve T-shirt when it gets cooler, with or without a belt.

The trendy straight shape highlights the printed design.

As always, these blouses and dresses are printed in high definition on high quality mulberry silk , and are crafted with care, as suits exclusive designs.

This pattern is available in 2 styles, 2 lengths and 3 standard sizes (more if needed); and 2 fabric choices, both 100% natural silk (Twill or Charemeuse).

2 lengths :

  • Blouse or top: finished length about 65 cm (26″)
  • Tunic or dress: finished length about 90 cm (36″)

Silk dress printed with expressionist painting

These bespoke printed blouses and dresses are available in 2 versions:

  • Total look version:  entirely made of custom-printed silk, front and back. The two sides can be identical or matching. Minimal order 12 en soie imprimé sur mesure d'un tableau
  • Relaxed chic version: custom-printed silk on the front with back in matching solid color cotton knit (back, white, and choice of other neutral colors). The stretchable knit back brings makes the top or dress very comfortable to wear. Minimal order 24 units.

Blouse front in silk and back in cottonChoice of 2 silk fabrics:

These articles are made of a heavy 100% mulberry silk fabric with a beautiful hand:

  • Silk twill 14MM – semi-mate with diagonal structure
  • Silk charmeuse 16MM – sleek and shiny

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Sizes :

Blouses, tunics and dresses are available in 3 standard sizes – S, M and L. Collections include the same number of each size. A person may often be able to wear 2 sizes, for example S or M, or M or L, depending on the desired fit.

For order over 4 dozens, sizes can be made in different quantities for each size, and sizes XS or XL can also be included.

Design variations:

Within a same series or collection, various prints can be included, with a minimum of half-dozen piece per print. For example, an order of 24 units can include up to 4 different prints.

However, for short runs, it must be noted that a high number of prints complicates production and stock management, as some print/size combinations will rapidly run out.

What images can be printed?

Photos, artwork reproductions, drawings, graphic design…. the possibilities are endless, as high quality photos or scans (200dpi) of many supports can be digitally printed with high quality.

We always print the fabric first, the cut and sew the clothes, so the print is all-over. When printing positional designs, such as photos, artworks, drawings, etc.,  the placement of the design relative to the cloth pattern is calculated prior to printing.

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For more information or to obtain our professional prices, please contact us and indicate the product you are interested in, the number of designs to be printed, quantity, fabric preference, etc.

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