Circle scarves are so trendy, we could not resist creating our own, in silk of course. While most circle scarves you see around are woolly knitted items, here at Fibra Creativa, we chose the beauty of mulberry silk and colourful prints.Square silk scarves are usually folded diagonally, then the ends are tied up into a knot. We figured we could do without the knot! And it works: our circles scarves have all the chic of the classic square and long scarves… but they never slide or escape! And unlike some other fibers, natural silk is never itchy!

Our circle scarf version is the perfect combination of a sumptuous fabric — heavy mulberry silk twill – and a trendy easy-to-wear shape. Like all our silk scarves, the circle scarf is printed in high definition with original designs.

Original silk circle scarf designs

Here is our Gaudi mosaic circle silk scarf models, printed with a mosaic by famous Catalan modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. Though originally designed to adorn a bench in Barcelona’s Parc Guell, the wonderful color palette works well with a wide variety of outfits, making it a versatile and chic accessory.

Snood en twill de soie imrpimé sur mesure mosaique

Never loose a silk scarf again!

With the silk circle scarf, no more sliding knots resulting in lost scarves!

Fibra Creativa’s silk circle scarf wraps around your neck in a breeze, twice for a spectacular look, three times when you need more protection against wind or cold. You can even pull it over your head if it starts raining! The silk circle scarf never slides, never escapes, unless you do a hand stand, and maybe not even then.

Create your own custom circle silk scarf collection

So creative friends, why not forget the classic square for a moment and design beautiful silk circle scarves? We at Fibra Creativa will custom print and make them for you, in short runs starting at 12 units.

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