Light, smooth, vaporous, silk gauze is the perfect fabric for scarfs and summer clothing. Custom printed and carefully crafted beautiful maxi-scarves or light silk poncho will delight you! Discover our new summer collection, or order your own custom printed unique piece or collection.

Light silk Poncho

The silk gauze allows the delightful effect of transparency, that our new model of light silk poncho benefits of.

This silk poncho is allover front and back printed. The edges are delicately hemmed, as to allow the head pass into the head-opening. The lateral seam holds the sides. The poncho has the size of two large square silk scarfs. Unique size.

Discover our three models of silk poncho in our online shop!

Also available up to 12 units for professionals.

Maxi-scarf in silk gauze

For its lightness and flexibility, the silk gauze is the convenient structure for big dimension scarves. See the new scarfs format above:

Poinsettia extra large square scarf in silk gauze, Florida collection Fibra Creativa

These maxi-scarves are available for bespoke printing as a unique piece in our online shop or you can find them in a 2 lot maxi-long-scarf with lower price.

Also up to 12 units with a professional tariff.

With summer approaching, hurry up to order your collection of silk gauze ponchos and maxi-scarves on time for the beautiful season.