This tutorial will show you how to sew DIY face masks from Fibra Creativa’s mask fabric panels.You can use it to sew masks from any tight wave cotton fabric, if you like, it’s just easier and more fun with my fabric panels, which are designed just to make face masks.

Why mask fabric panels: cool designs, easier to make

Back in March, my quilter and sewist friends and I started sewing face masks. First we used plain white fabric and prints I had in my stash. It was urgent then to quickly produce masks, as there was a severe shortage everywhere, Spain (where I live)  was going into strict lockdown and wearing masks became compulsory. We made many masks for our neighbourhood and learned quite a bit in the process about the best suited fabrics, patterns and techniques.

Then it ocurred to me that we could make very cool masks if we had fabric that was designed for that purpose. It would also streamline the cutting process: no pattern tracing anymore! And thus my first mask fabric panel came to be, back in April.

Fun faces fabric face mask panel by Fibracreativa
Fibra Creativa first face mask fabric panel.

As soon as I made the design available on Spoonflower, it started selling. Since then, I’ve created a whole collection of face mask panels. And as customers received their fabric, some inquired about a tutorial on how to sew the masks. I had intended to write a tutorial, of course, but never found the time. So thanks to those who asked and boosted my motivation!

DIY face mask tutorial with Fibra Creativa cut and sew fabric panels

This tutorial does not include a pattern, because you do not need one: you just cut out the mask shapes from the fabric panel.

The mask shapes in the panel make adult size face masks. You can adjust the shape if you wish to make masks that do not cover as much of the face, or to make face masks for children.

Click here to download the tutorial in PDF:

DIY Face Mask PDF download

How to get your face mask fabric panel

All my face mask fabric panels are available for order on Spoonflower, a POD (print-on-demand) site. The whole collection includes over 30 designs, to see it click on the image:

Fibracreativa DIY fabric face mask panel collection

This tutorial is valid for all of Fibra Creativa mask panels. I had to choose one example, though, for the photos and videos, it’s the Lipstick panel.

Recommended fabric and quantity

For face masks, tighly woven cotton fabrics are recommended. It is also best for protection to make the mask double layer. (You could even go triple layer, but no more, remember you need to breathe).

Out of the fabrics Spoonflower offers, there are the woven fabrics you could print your favourite mask panel on:

  • Organic Cotton Sateen: my personal favourite. Tight weave, medium weight, and organic, just perfect!
  • Cotton Poplin: fine weave, lighter weight, good for lighter masks.
  • Petal Cotton: medium weight, more economical, though the thgead count is not as high.
  • Lightweight Cotton twill: a good choice if you want a thicker sturdier mask.

Polyester fabics are not recommended for face  mask, that need to be washed or ironed at high temperatures. Plus, they’ll make you sweat!

On Sponflower, you can order from one Fat Quarter of fabric (which yields 4 to 6 masks depending on the fabric width) to one yard (which yields 20 to 30 masks), and more. The preview will show you exactly how many full shapes you’ll get.

Backing fabric and other supplies

Remember that you will need a backing fabric to make a double layer mask. This can be a plain white, black or neutral cotton fabric from your stash or a recycled woven cotton fabric (from a cotton dress shirt or bed pillow). If you make masks to sell and need a lot of backing fabric, you can get unprinted Organic Cotton Sateen (or another cotton fabric) on Spoonflower. It is more economical than the printed fabric.

You can also use 2 printed mask shapes to make a double sided mask!

Last, you need:

  • Cordon or elastic band to tie the mask:  about 36″ or 90 cm to tie around your head or 30″ or 75 cm to tie around the ears.
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing supplies: pins, needle or a sewing machine.

You can sew your mask by hand, though the tutorial is machine-based.

Seasonal face mask fabrics

Here are some of the latest mask fabric panels for the autumn and holiday season:

Halloween face mask fabrics:

3 different panels for Halloween masks, from fun kid masks to Gothic Halloween masks!

halloween fabric face masks