Fibra Creativa is a textile studio dedicated to creating quality fabrics, clothing and fashion accessories in natural fibers with original prints. From our Barcelona studio, we create custom textile collections for our clients. We also design our own fashion garment collections.

Our values

Fibra Creativa is the expression of our passion for the textile design and the sustainability.
We believe that the handmade work and the most current technology con join to create original and qualified fashion. Designs that dazzle, clothes and complements that last, made of limited series, here in Europe, for persons that know their office, in worthy conditions.

Fibra Creativa is led by a dynamic female team with common interests and complementary careers.

Our environment

Fibra Creativa is settled in Barcelona, an artistic cosmopolitan city that moves, in the heart of a region (Catalonia), a long textile tradition, looking towards the future.
From here, we keep in daily contact with our costumers throughout Europe and other countries in the world, true to our conviction that XXI st century telecommunications blur the boundaries!

Services Fibra Creativa for companies and professionals: creation of textile collection for order

We offer to creative designers who love natural fibers a digital textile printing service as well as supplementary services of on demand tailoring.

What can we build for you?Printed silk fabric Jean Roché

  • Exclusive custom textiles, created from your patterns and designs in short and medium series.
  • Derived products of your high-end art work, projecting an image of the quality you’d expect: silk scarves, linen cushions, all-over printed garments…
  • Fabrics by the meter, printed from your designs, photos, artwork, etc. using high-definition ink-jet printing.

Why choose our services?

  • We listen and advise: expose us your project, we will see together how to best realize it. If fabrics is not your area of ​​expertise, or you simply prefer to focus on the design, we help you realize your ideas.
  • Print Quality: All our fabrics are printed using high definition digital ink-jet printing, for a great result, yielding vivid colors and fine detail rendering. (see more about digital printing)
  • Quality manufacturing: All products are manufactured in our local partner- workshops under the supervision of our production manager.
  • Short and medium series production while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • 100% Made in Europe, in Catalonia. We select fabrics made in our region and printing and manufacturing are locally crafted.

Who are our clients?

We have the pleasure to work with independent professionals and businesses from different backgrounds:

  • Fashion, interior design: Textile designers, fashion designers, clothing brands and fashion accessories, shops…
  • Art: painters, photographers, sculptors, artists, museums, art galleries…
  • Corporate branding: enterprises and advertising agencies.

Discover some project examples in the project gallery.

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Services Fibra Creativa for particulars: creation of unique pieces and material for creative leisure

For creative individuals and textile enthusiasts (patchwork, sewing, decoration …), we propose materials, original fabrics and custom printed textiles. Here are some examples:digitaly printed linen fabric pieces

  • Fabric sheets to print yourself at home.
  • Fabrics with noble natural fibers (linen, silk, organic cotton) and original prints you will not find anywhere else.
  • Patchwork kits.
  • Custom prints of your photos or designs for your creative works.

These items are on sale in our online store. Note: some custom printed textiles intended for tailoring have minimum order quantities, usually 10 linear meters.

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Collections Fibra Creativa: sustainable mode, original printing

Allover printed T-shirt space Fibra CreativaYou like customized fashion, to wear garments and original accessories or simply you like your own creations? Visit our online store , you will find:

  • Out fashion creations: with access to the technology and know-how we put at the service of our customers’ ideas, it was difficult to resist the temptation to create our own models! So, following our inspirations, desires and discoveries, we create all-over T-shirts, scarves, hand bags, and many other things. All originally printed with the same manufacturing quality, always in small series, sometimes unique specimens. Sold only directly in our online shop or at private sales.
  • Your creations: Some of our customizable items such as silk scarves are available as single units, in small batches of 2 or 3 units or small series of about a dozen pieces. The opportunity to make you happy and impress your friends by providing personalized exclusive high quality gifts!

Thanks for your visit!