Would you like to see your paintings, photos, drawings, or other images on exclusive clothes and accessories ? Without worrying about fabrics, printing, sewing, etc ?

Fibra Creativa offers a choice of bespoke printed creations, printed and made on demand for you, from your own images or designs. Create fashion, accessories or decorative objects without worrying for textiles, printing or production process.

Exclusive textile fashion and accessories, made for you from your own designs

Our values differentiates our creations from common bespoke printed products:woman silk blouse high definition digital print

  • We only use high quality natural fiber textiles (cotton et viscose), and normally noble textiles like mulberry silk and linen. We do not use low-end or synthetic fabrics (polyester).
  • All-over printing on the finished articles: we print rolls of fabric, then cut and sew. Therefore the printed design extends to the seams, it is not limited to a rectangular area in the middle.
  • The fabric is printed in high definition, ensuring a high quality print, with beautiful colors and fine details.
  • Our products are crafted with care for our specialized local craft workshops, under the supervision of our production manager.
  • 100% European production: the printing and the confection are totally made in Catalonia. We use textiles produced locally or from European providers, with Oeko-Text confidence.

Small orders and flexibility

  • We produce fashion collections in short orders, starting at 12 or 36 units depending on the product. Attention, most of these articles are not available by the unit or unique pieces.
  • Collections can be composed of various models or designs, without having to order hundreds of units.

bespoke printed silk sateen bolero Fibra Creativa

Our experience to serve your project: send us your images, receive ready-to-sell articles!

  • Our models are created by our house stylist with always in mind the idea to show your images in the best way, particularly positional images (art works, photography, digital designs, etc.).
  • Our patterns are tested, so we can create small series with no need for prototyping, which reduces costs and delays.
  • We specialize in adapting original artwork (paintings, photos, plastic art works…) on textile and strive to obtain the best results from your images.
  • We make a complex process simple for you: you do not need knowledge o textiles, sewing, printing, image processing, or production management. We take care of everything, from the moment we receive your images to the moment you receive your finished unique bespoke printed creations!

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A varied selection of textile accessories and fashion

A blend of timeless classics, such as the large square silk scarves, and trendy models, created for our stylist. New items every season, to renew your clients’ interest.

  • Fashion accessories a large variety of silk scarves, shopping and clutch bags …
  • Fashionable clothing: All-over printed T-shirts, silk blouses and dresses…
  • Home decor: decorative cushions, curtains, and kitchen items such as aprons, table wear…

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We study your project with you

If you have a specific idea or need, we are happy to study your project with you and help bring it to life.

Please note that creating patterns and prototypes takes time and has a cost. When the planned production is small (under 100 or 200 units), the budget or the time limited, it is more realistic to chose a customized product than develop a brand new model, it will be faster, more economical, while still original and unique.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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