Dream of your own bespoke silk scarf collection,  printed on demand from your own designs? Not any scarves, but high quality scarves that favourably compare to famous brands?  We create your silk scarves for you, from unique pieces to exclusive small or large collections, from your graphic designs, photographs, paintings, drawings…

All our scarves are customprinted in high definition for vivid colors and fine details, on 100% mulberry silk fabrics.  Then they are hand-hemmed or machine-hemmed with care. Our scarves are 100% made in Europe.

Large silk square 90x90 cm

Custom-made silk scarves, from unique pieces to collections

We create beautiful custom silk scarves for professionals an companies in diverse fields. Series and collections start at a dozen units up to several hundred units.

  • Artists, art galleries, museums, wishing to reproduce their artworks on quality accessories and wearable items. Thanks to our innovative process, no need to order large runs to obtain professional quality.
  • Fashion profesionnals and designers, looking to create or use exclusive one-of-a-kind fabrics,
  • Companies of all industries looking for corporate identity quality items for industry shows, staff uniforms, clients’ gifts, etc. Forget about a one-color logo printed on a solid color background, the most sophisticated designs will print perfectly, and more colors will not cost more.

Our custom scarves are also available as unique pieces. A custom-made silk scarf is a an exclusive special present for everyone who loves a beautiful personalized accesory. Professionals who wish to test the concept often order a couple of pieces to start. Unique pieces and sets of 2 or 3 scarvesare available in Fibra Creativa online shop. The quality is exactly the same as with larger orders, except the latter enjoy an even larger choice of silk fabrics and hems.

Fibra Creativa silk circle scarf winter 2014-15

No experience needed, we take care of your project from end to end

You do not need any experience in textiles, printing or sewing to create your own beautiful scarves. We take care of everything for you. Many of our clients have never created a scarf before. You only need to send us your image(s), we will ship the finished scarf to you.

First you need to decide which images you want to print, and what type of scarf you want to create. On this page and the next, you will find detailed information about the choices of scarf sizes, fabrics and hems.

If you need help deciding which type of scarf will best suit your project, or adapting your images to obtain the best results on the chosen scarf, just ask, we are here to help. We strive to produce high quality silk scarves that you will be proud of.


Silk scarf sizes

These are our usual “classic” and original scarf sizes:

  • Square scarves: 45×45 cm, 68 x68 cm, 90×90 cm, 120×120 cm.
  • Long scarves: 32×136 cm, 45×180 cm, 68×205 cm.
  • Double-sides long scarves, men scarves and circle scarves: 17×136 cm, 22×180 cm
  • Boleros: 62×136 cm

For runs over 100 units, we can make special sizes on demand, up to 135cm on the short side. Yet, remember that very unsual sizes might seem “weird” rather than original to your clients.

 Silk fabrics for scarves

We make scarves in a variety of silk fabrics; all are quality fabrics, each has its own characteristics and uses.

  • Habotai silk
  • Silk muslin
  • Silk Twill
  • Silk charmeuse
  • Silk crepe

Some fabrics are only available with a minimum order. Fibra Creative does not care to make polyester scarves, we prefer the real stuff.

Our scarves are hand washable, and can be ironed on silk setting.

Hems and seams

Our scarves can be rolled by hand or machine-hemmed. Some double-sided models are machine sewn and turned over, then closed by hand.

The choice depends on the fabric, we offer the hem style that best suits each silk type.

  • Twill, satin, crepe silk: rolled by hand, machine-hemmed imitation hand rolled for the open scarves. Machine hem for double-sided scarves.
  • Habotai 8MM: machine-hemmed or rolled by hand for the open scarves. No double-sided scarves.
  • Silk Mouselin: machine hem on open scarves. No double-sided scarves.


Our scarves are shipped ready-to sell or use, hemmed, ironed and folded in indidual clear pouches. In addition, we can provide boxes or black envelops for a more sophisticated presentation.

Scarf labels

Foulards soie ponge MusB CréationOur scarves come with a fabric label sewn into the hem, whch indicates the required fabric composition (“100% silk”), origin (“Made in Spain”) and care symbols.

The label is brand-neutral, it does not include the Fibra Creativa brand for bespoke silk scarves.

For series over 100 units, it is possible to create and include your own brand label, but keep in mind that this implies an extra cost and production time. Our view is that labels on scarves are cumbersome anti-esthetical things of the past; clients might try to cut them and thus damage the hem. There is a muc simpler, elegant and permanet solution: inlcuding the brand name or signature in your design, as shown in the image to the left.

Minimum orders and prices

Unique pieces

A wide choice of bespoke silk scarves can be ordered in our online shop, as unique pieces. These are also available in sets of 2 or 3 scarves, at a reduced price.

Collections and series

Starting with a dozen units for most models, an even wider choice of bespoke scarves and professional pricing, scaled according to quantity.

A scarf collection can include several designs, for example a collection of 24 pieces can include 4 different designs, 6 units of each, at no extra charge. Extreme variety might incur an extra cost, and is rarely a good idea, except in very specific cases.

Silk swatches

échnantillons de soie imprimée sur mesure impression numériqueSilk swatches of 15x20cm of printed silk can be ordered to help choose among the fabrics and see the print quality.

We print the swatches specifically with hard-to-print designs, mostly photographs. Graphic designs are easier to print and show equally well.

Swatches can be ordered online here, and are shipped promptly.


Print test of your design

If you wish to see one finished scarf before ordering a large collection, the simplest way is to order a unique piece or a small set in our online shop. If the exact features you wish for your collection are not avaiable online, please contact us.

Keep in mind though that the creating a single silk scarf takes abou the same time as creating a small collection, so ordering a test will  more than double up the overall delivery time. For small collections and most designs, the print tests are not really necessary, we can tell ahead of time whether a design will print well. All files to be printed are reviewed by a human eye, when the output will not look good or when in doubt, we will warn you.

If you wish to see a finished scarf without waiting for a bespoke piece, a fast solution is to order one of our designs in our online shop. These are in stock and ship quickly.

Delivery time

The delivery time is about 2-4 weeks. It can vary depending on time of year and type of order.

If you are in a rush or need to meet a specific delivery date, please contact us.

Need help?

If you hesitate between several sizes, the choice of fabric baffles you or you are not sure which type of scarf will best show your designs, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure helping you bring your project to life!

Please note that we specialize in shorter runs (up to 300 units) of high quality scarves. We do not answer request for large runs or cheap bargains.